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I am Maifee . Currently I study in CSE,CU . I don't know what I'm addicted to most ? - Problem solving or Coffee ? I mainly try to solve my problems with programming.

Code on back-end with spring. Front-end with React.js. New to cross development, so no React-Native. C++,C# for windows/linux and Java for android.

I am also indie game developer . I'm have experience of just two year and a few months. I focus on procedural generation. I mainly use Unity Engine , Blender Engine and Unreal Engine for my game-development . Although I tried to start creating animation nearly two years ago, I think now it's getting a shape. Hope to release my first animation soon.

Worked on four projects for BanglaSoftTech - House Renting App, Browser, SWF player, Farm management.

In my free times I try to get familiar with other engines and languages and new algorithm, frameworks. I'm also trying to make my own gaming library in Java (I know Java is obsolete and this sounds more than weird , but Java was included in my course , yes I'm from Bangladesh ) . Which is scheduled to be released before 2021 .

I have already published a game on Play Store."Mazy ball" - from "Team Zeroth" . A npm package named 'copy-clipboard-js' I have also my own text editor, Plain-Editor. Better version of that - Telapoka. All sources can be found on my GitHub profile. Love to work with new people , crazy , dedicated , happy , committed to work .


Sled Shredders - Snowmobile Simulation

Game Developer



Team Zeroth BD



University of Chittagong

January 2017 - Running

B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering

B.A.F. Shaheen Collage

Class of 2015

H.S.C. in Science

Govt. Muslim High School

Class of 2013

S.S.C. in Science

SOS Herman Geminar School

Class of 2007



Independent - 26

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